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Amanda Cross


       Carolyn Gold Heilbrun, popularly  known as Amanda Cross is a famous American feminist detective writer. She graduated from Wesley College in 1947. In 1951 and 1959, she took a masters and a doctorate in English at Columbia University  respectively.  She taught at Brooklyn College as well as at Columbia University. At Columbia, she was the professor of English in 1972. She was even the president of  the Modern Language Association and editor of Columbia University Press's Gender and Culture Series. She has been awarded with five honorary doctorates and published many scholarly works. 
                                                              The name of her detective is Kate Fansler, a feminist middle aged Professor of English at a university in Manhattan first introduced in  In the Last Analysis in 1964.   

Kate Fansler featuring books:

In the Last Analysis (1964)
The James Joyce Murder (1967) 
Poetic Justice (1970)
The Theban Mysteries (1972)
The Question of Max (1976)
Death in A Tenured Position (1981)
Sweet Death, Kind Death (1984)
No Word for Winifred (1984)
A Trap for Fools (1989)
The Players Come Again (1990)
An Imperfect Spy (1995)
The Puzzled Heart (1998)   
Honest Doubt (2000)
The Theban Mysteries (2001)
Honest Doubt (2001) 


Death in a Tenured Position won the Nero Wolfe Award in 1981.  It was even included by the English critic H.R.F Keating in his Top 100 List of Great Mystery Books and Stories.

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A Brief Review by me-

Just recently burrowed this detective novel by Amanda Cross from the college library and read it though I haven't heard of her before.  I expected it to be an engrossing book, but it wasn't though I finished reading it. Lots of feminist remarks but very few detections and deductions by the detective Kate Fansler. Being a mystery lover, I either expect a chill binding plot or very ingenious deductions. Question of Max lacked both. 
                                                                 Having not read her other novels, I think I should not be that harsh on Amanda Cross. I would definitely read her other books like Death in a Tenured Position and A Puzzled Heart if at all found in libraries or bookshops. In my country, Nepal, there are very few people like me passionate about reading. 

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Praises for her:

If by some cruel oversight you haven't discovered Amanda Cross, you have an uncommon pleasure in store for you.
                                                       -New York Times Book Review

No one has a sharper eye than Amanda Cross.
                                                        -The Washington Post Book World

The Question of Max offers "fascinating complexities...humor along the way, and an unexpected shocker of a climax...A literate joy.
                                                         -San Francisco Examiner

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