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Ecstasy: A Novel
By Sudhir Kakar
Price: Rs 295
Pages: 251



 Fury: A Novel
By Salman Rushdie
Jonathan Cape/ Rupa
Price Rs 395
Pages 272


 Baba was sitting with his disciples when Indira Gandhi, accompanied by her social secretary....entered the garden.....The rest of her retinue, including her security detail, was left outside. Familiar only to readers of newspapers, her face was not as instantly recognizable then as it was to become in the next 12 years of her imperious rule. Her head covered by the pallu of her sari, she walked up to Baba...bowed as if to touch his feet. And then something very peculiar happened. Baba stumbled back as if stung by a wasp.


Professor Malik Solanka, retired historian of ideas, irascible dollmaker, and since his recent fifty-fifty birthday celibate and solitary by his own criticized choice, in his silvered years found himself living in a golden age. Outside his window a long , humid summer