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The Mousetrap

Presented by Peter Saunders at the Ambassadors Theatre, London, on 25th November 1952, with the following cast of characters:

Mollie Ralston Sheila Sim
Giles Ralston John Paul
Christopher Wren Allan McClelland
Mrs. Boyle Mignon O'Doherty
Major Metcalf Aubrey Dexter
Miss Casewell Jessica Spencer
Mr. Paravicini Martin Miller
Detective Sergeant Trotter Richard Attenborough

Produced by Peter Cross
Decor by Roger Furse

And then there were none

Presented by Bertie Meyer at the St. James Theatre, London on 17th November 1943, with the following cast of characters:

Rogers William Murray
Narracott Reginald Barlow
Mrs. Rogers Hilda Bruce-Potter
Vera Claythorne linden Travers
Philip Lombard Terence de Marney
Anthony Marston Michael Blake
William Blore Percy Walsh
General Mackenzie Eric Cowley
Emily Brent Henrietta Watson
Sir Lawrence Wargrave Allan Jeayes
Dr Armstrong Guyn Nicholls

Directed by Irene Hentschel
Decor by Clifford Pember

Appointment with Death

Produced at the Piccadilly Theatre, London, on 31st March 1945, with the following cast of characters:

Mrs Boynton Mary Clare
Ginerva Boynton, her stepdaughter Deryn Kerby
Lennox Boynton, her elder stepson Ian Lubbock
Nadine Boynton, Lennox's wife Beryl Machin
Lift Boy John Glennon
Alderman Higgs Percy Walsh
Clerk Anthony Dorset
Bedouin Anthony Dorset
Lady Westholme Janet Burnell
Miss Pryce Joan Hickson
Dr. Gerard Gerard Hinze
Sarah King Carla Lehmann
Jefferson Cope Alan Sedgwick
Raymond Boynton, Lennox's younger brother John Wynn
Dragoman Harold Berens
Colonel Carbery Owen Reynolds
Lady Visitor Chgerry Herbert
Hotel Visitors Corinne Whitehouse
Joseph Blanchard

Directed by Terence de Marney

The Hollow

Presented by Peter Saunders at the Fortune Theatre, London, on 7th June 1951, with the following cast of characters:

Henrietta Angkatell Beryl Baxter
Sir Henry Angkatell, KCB George Thorpe
Lady Angkatell Jeanne de Casalis
Midge Harvey Jessica Spencer
Gudgeon A.J. Brown
Edward Angkatell Colin Douglas
Doris Patricia Jones
Gerda Cristow Joan Newell
John Cristow, MD, FRCP Ernest Clark
Veronica Craye Martin Wyldeck
Inspector Sergeant Penny Shaw Taylor

Directed by Hubert Gregg


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