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Torquay:The Birthplace of Agatha Christie

Torquay is the most popular tourist destination in Britain situated in the south west of England in between Exeter and Plymouth. It provides all kind of entertainment to the people who have come there for their holidays. They can choose between luxurious hotels by the sea with private suites, swimming pools and saunas and the less expensive guest houses.
There are large number of secluded coves where you can get away from the crowds and enjoy yourself. There are also many sandy beaches where you can buy refreshments, hire deck chairs, boats and even beach huts. You can also enjoy yourself by water skiing, hang-gliding and deep sea fishing.
                Only a short drive away is Dartmoor National Park where you can walk for miles through countryside or picnic by beautiful rivers. Or, you can sail across to Tor Bay to the lovely fishing village of Brixham.
                                                                                     So, there seems to be a lot of changes in Torquay over the years.
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The Village of St. Mary Mead

                                                               drawn from Time September 20, 1976

This is the map of the hometown of Miss Jane Marple, the legendary detective character created by the Queen of Crime and Thriller, Dame Agatha Christie. The village of St. Mary Mead was where Miss Marple featured for the first time in "Murder in Vicarage."

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