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The Suitable Boy

"Every single page of A Suitable Boy is pleasant and readable and true; but the parts are better crafted, and so more satisfying, than the whole. . . . Its publishers have likened the book, with its spacious realism, to Tolstoy and George Eliot. For me, though, A Suitable Boy is closest to {J.} Tanizaki, in his Makioka Sisters {BRD 1957}. For it is, like the Japanese novel, at its heart an elegy as well as a comedy of manners, about a traditional society in a time of change, and about a leisurely world of graces giving way to a new, more democratic time. . . . Like Tanizaki, {Seth} writes winningly of everything domestic, especially women and their children. And like Tanizaki, he has given us that unlikeliest of hybrids, a modest tour de force.- Pico Iyer, a writer

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The Golden Gate: A Novel in Verse

"An utterly original, utterly delightful novel."- Newsweek

'A tour de force of rhyme and reasonableness, The Golden Gate doesn't only compellingly advocate life's pleasures, it stylishly contributes another one to them.' - Sunday Times, London

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Three Chinese Poets: Translations of Poems by Wang Wei, LI Bai, and Du Fu

'Seth translates (these poets) with immense felicity....the poet's skill is evident in every cadence and rhyme.'- India Today

All You Who Sleep Tonight

'Seth's poems touch the heart- and herein lies their appeal.' - The Hindustan Times

Vikram Seth was born in India in 1952. He studied at Oxford, Standford and Nanjing Universities, and spent two years in China doing research on economic demography. He is trained as an economist and has lived for several years in the UK, California, China and India. His works include The Golden Gate: A Novel in Verse, A Suitable Boy, From Heaven Lake: Travels through Sinkiang and Tibet and four volumes of poetry titled Mappings, The Humble Administrator's Garden, All You Who Sleep Tonight and Beastly Tales From Here And There. He has translated some Chinese poems into English in a book called Three Chinese Poets. His most recent book is the novel An Equal Music which hit the book market along with Rushdie' s Ground Beneath Her Feet.
Vikram Seth was paid $430,000 by the British publishers Orion for his second novel A Suitable Boy. The 1,349 page novel is considered to be the longest novel in a single volume.

button (2410 bytes)An Equal Music is Seth's lastest offering to the literary world. A novel 381 pages long published by Viking is the story of Michael,a lonely, brooding violinist who lives in London with the memories of Julia- the "making of me", the pianist with whom he made such melody.

Years later, Michael and Julia meet again. She's married, he's not. She's troubled by her hearing: he is troubled. Julia agrees to join Michael's quartet for a concert in Vienna, where they were together as students an age earlier.

Source: The India Today, April 5, 1999

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A Suitable Boy

A Suitable Boy

"Surrender to this strange, beguiling world and be swept away on the wings of story....It is difficult to imagine that many contemporary writers could give us a novel that provides so much deep satisfaction."  —Washington Post Book World

Read what Pico Iyer, himself a famous writer and a journalist had to say of this book

From Heaven Lake:

From Heaven Lake: Travels through Sinkiang and Tibet

"The book has a charming timelessness, not simply due to the people in its pages, but because it always ring true.'- Financial Express


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